This is guest post from an Analyst friend, that shows you a sad side of stock market.

Doesn’t matter how ahead guy goes, his past never leaves him

So here was analyst, away from his old job & old company. In shade of comfort of certainty that he would receive his pay check at the end of the month, things would be better from here on.

As usual first day begins, meeting & greeting everyone at new office, get to know the company, the people, the culture, the work. Get your place, get your system, get your mail id & other things in place and than its lunch time.

Analyst gets down from office, scouts around for place to eat. He finds only joint in area where every level of person comes to eat. He finds a table where middle age plump guy has already perched himself. Analyst asks if he could join him and meets with yes answer. Time goes, analyst checks menu and orders most simple & likely running item of the list while plump guy orders a thali. That’s when young chap enters joint and waves at plump guy. Young guy looks slightly younger than analyst, has forced smile on his face. He comes and sits next to plump guy and says “kaise ho manoj bhai?” manoj bhai reply’s with “bus chal raha hai”. Young chap with bit of hesitation say “yeah kya ho raha hai sir?”, plump guy chooses to just reply with shrug. Just than order of Analyst comes, young chap says “I will have this one”.  Young chap was smiling, but his smile was giving away his fake facade, one could make out a tinge of fear in his smile. He said to plump guy, “sir yeah sab kitna time chalega?, pressure bahut hai”, plump guy nonchalantly replies “dekho jab tak chalta hai”. Smile on young chap was fading, one could easily figure out how hard he was trying to keep it but was miserably failing at doing it. Young chap said “to phir dhundha na suru kar dena chaihye?”, plump guy said “ haan chalu rakhne, mile jaye to nikal jaane ka”. To which young chap replied “but how many people do you think they will remove?”, plump guy said  “kya bol sakte hai aab, dekho”. Plump guy’s tone & manner of reply was clear give away of “anybody & anytime but I am safe”.

All along analyst listen quietly, he was reminded of similar situation he had gone recently, he could feel the young chaps’ emotion right from “fear to anger”

Analyst finished his lunched and walked out with thought in his mind “Doesn’t matter how ahead guy goes, his past never leaves him”.