Read,Learn,Improve – 12-Dec-15


Finland plans to give every citizen a basic income of 800 Euros a month – Link here

The Richest Photographer in the World – Link here

The Sports Bubble Is About to Pop – Link here

Half of Delhi’s transport problem is that it can’t sort out its autowallahs – Link here

The Yahoo! Chronicles! Is this the End Game? – Link here

12 Simple Ways To Be More Interesting – Link here

A simple invention that can seal a gunshot wound within 20 seconds is now FDA-approved – Link here

‘If I had talked about aligning with the BJP, it was just a political strategy’: Sharad Pawar – Link here

The World’s Smartest Bad Investors – Link here

To See the Future of Electric Cars, Look East – Link here

Why is industry fleeing Punjab? – Link here

Control the Negotiation Before It Begins – Link here

The Market for Human Hair – Link here

Brazil’s cancer curse – The startling discovery that hundreds of thousands of Brazilians have a genetic mutation that undermines their ability to resist cancer is helping labs worldwide in their search for new treatments for the disease. Sue Armstrong reports – Link here