One of the habit/key learning, I have picked up from one of my Guru who happens to be Analyst-cum-Fund Manager is talking to auto-rickshaw/taxi driver, they always have some interesting story & learning. So hence forth I would post such random encounters under the heading of “auto guy”, here is first one




It was around 6:30pm when I left office, reached gate and saw evening traffic hurling around, weather felt pretty perfect not hot not too cold just perfect. Held out hand for auto, and one halted right next to me. Asked him for home and he said welcome. Auto driver seemed very old around mid-50s to near 60s, I asked him how long has he been driving, he said almost 15 years now. I asked how long before you retire and he says couple of more years, although he doesn’t like doing it he has to, I said “pappi pet ka sawal hotha hai” and he acknowledged and reiterated. Talked along the way about his family – wife n kids, his brothers family, who’s wife got elected in gram sabha.

Then more on his kids education and life, who are now in his hometown Lucknow, one studying masters and other preparing for IAS exam, thought they have been born n breed in city of Mumbai. I asked if it’s difficulty there to live once you are used to life in mumbai. He said Sir agar aap mumbai mein bimar pad jao aur doctor ke pass jao, doctor paisa leta hai aur thik kardeta hai. Waha par paise le leta hai par kaam nahi karta.

I remembered ovarian lottery (concept by Warren Buffett) many get it and many don’t.  We talked few other things when he asked me where I m from? and I was bit confused what to answer. If anybody had asked me that question during my school days I would say, Mumbai. In college, it was Mumbai and then in post graduate it continued to be Mumbai. But once I started working, traveling & interacting with tonnes of different people, started learning about their life & history, I started rethinking on who on that question “where I am from”. we are continuously evolving.

So when auto guy asked me where I am from, I said parents are from Gujarat but I m born n breed here. He replied par sanaskar Gujarat ke hai. Surprised, I asked why does he say so, he replied “the way you talk with respect”. Mumbai ka aadmi khali saaman lena chaahta hai dena hai, aap woh nahi ho. Got down gave him money I said thank you bhaiya and he replied dhanayvaad.

People crave for “Respect” but are miser when it comes to giving it.