This is the best piece for all those people who have zero or very small (not seen one full bull & bear cycle) encounter with stock market and are thinking of making a career as Stock Market Trader (Not investor). I have meet tonnes of people from various backgrounds like – fresh or existing MBA students, doctors, teachers, even few fundamental analysts – who want become trader. Most of these guys have either heard some stories about how a guy with Rs100 in his pocket become rich or heard how Mr. George Soros broke Bank of England and in process made few billion dollars – What you’re not hearing about George Soros today – Link here

Everybody is jazzed up about self driving car, however there is an interesting point which many of us seemed to have missed it. In ethic parlance its called Trolley/Train Problem – problem goes something like this – A train is hurtling towards five unsuspecting people. Do you pull a switch to divert the train onto another track, where only one man is sitting? Or do you do nothing? There are few variation of this problem and trust me it becomes very interesting and gives you very interesting insight into how human mind works, what we consider ethical, how we justify or rationalize our decision. Now going back to basic trolley/train problem introduce self driving car to this equation and you have a problem. Read up here to get more idea – Self-Driving Cars Will Teach Themselves to Save Lives—But Also Take Them – Link here

WHY DO WE WORK SO HARD? –  Ryan Avent reckons that our jobs have become prisons from which we don’t want to escape – Link here

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Weekend Relax – HBO’s Silicon Valley makes for good fun watch. If you follow tech, Silicon Valley and are little bit familiar with Silicon Valley culture you would be hooked on it in no time. If you are not than you would be more inquisitive to know more.  Here is article that gives you idea of which real life persona has inspired characters – Link here