Let say if Driverless car becomes a reality, which most of the people think it will happen, would it change our living pattern? Will it change composition of our city? Why would anybody buy cars? Just use uber or Ola.  Right now many people don’t buy cars as most of their travel is through public transport and few don’t buy as usage is minimal or it’s purely tiring to drive and get stuck in traffic. However driverless car can change that, driverless car would not make errors that humans are prone to it and hence can drive at way faster speed safely than probably few humans can. Also traffic would be easily avoided as more cars become automated and route management is done by algorithm. Since traveling would not be any longer pain, we would not mind traveling far off as it would be easy and so our city which is probably densely packed would expand…..phew….some impact driverless can have – read more here – Driverless Cars to Fuel Suburban Sprawl – Link here

If you have been regularly follower of Read,Learn,Improve or interacted with me, you would have heard about CRISPR from me. Its revolutionary gene editing tech that seems to solve lot of medical and other problems and looks like FDA just gave it green signal for human trial – Link here  , and FYI its being funded by Sean Parker , the same guy who created napster and was with Facebook too – Link here

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If you have ever heard of Kardashian family (or Kim Kardashian) you ought to know they are worth easily in access of US$100mn and one ought to wonder what talent they do really have that gives them the ability to make money. Or in analyst language what’s their business model and how they are able to sustain it. Have a look at this short (3mins) YouTube video to know about the same – Link here . It serves a good marketing lesson.

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