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Practicing a “Punch Card” Approach to Investing – Link here

Tamal Bandyopadhyay is one of the finest business journalists when it comes to banks and financial institutions. Last year I read his book “Sahara: The Untold Story” and would recommend you to do the so too. Currently I am midst of his another book “A Bank for the Buck” based on HDFC bank, again very insightful and goes through history of the bank. He recently wrote interesting piece called – How corrupt are our bankers? – Link here – makes for an interesting read.

SEBI Finally Cracks down on NSE’s Suspect Algo Trading. What does it mean? – Link here

10 Commandments of Financial Modeling – Link here

Hot Mess: How Goldman Sachs Lost $1.2 Billion of Libya’s Money – When Wall Street’s most aggressive bank took on the world’s most incendiary client, someone was going to make a killing – Link here

How to hide it: inside the secret world of wealth managers – They know more about their clients than the clients’ own wives. They are loyal in the face of appalling behaviour. They are the brains behind the most ingenious tax avoidance schemes. And there are more of them than ever – Link here

Peak Finance Looks Like It’s Over – Link here

China’s Ambitious Plan to Make the Yuan the World’s Go-To Currency – Link here

How to change the world with a $1 microscope – Link here

The genesis of Zoomcar – Link here

Sword of the Brother Enemy by Shashi Tharoor – Link here

These Mammals Are Just Straight-Up Murdering Each Other All The Time – Link here

The Difference Between a Bubble and a Cycle – Link here

Stupefied – How organisations enshrine collective stupidity and employees are rewarded for checking their brains at the office door – Link here

Hell on Earth – What happens to life sentences if our lifespan is radically extended? A philosopher talks about future punishment – Link here

The nightmare of finding an ‘ipill’ in Chennai, TN – Link here

Can Lok Sabha & Assembly Elections be held simultaneously? – Link here