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Read,Learn, Improve – 8-Oct-16

Short Basic Automakers, Long Luxury/SportsCar markers from 10-20years view  – People buy car for two basic purpose one for travel and second to indicate status and this is clearly visible by two type of car maker – Basic efficient ones – Toyota, Suzuki, Ford, GM, etc and Status – Luxury, Sports,etc  – BMW, Audi, Porsche, Ferrari, McLaren etc. Now once cars become automatic/driverless, I wonder how many people would buy car for its looks and driving pleasure, huge mass would shift to driverless cars (in case you wondering why we would shift to driverless car, we would be more happy to chat with our friends or read or entertain ourselves or as they call it stay glued to our mobile screen – snapchat, facebook, twitter, etc) while we are traveling in car. Most probably I think most of the population would cease owning a car when it would be easily available at push of the button, hence there would very few people actually buying car and those would be buying self drive (opposite of driverless cars) – I believe this would be pure luxury & sports car aficionados or connoisseurs. Read “More Evidence Cars Will Never Be Sexy Again – Link here “ to get idea where my views are coming from.

Ride-hailing apps are creating an inefficient and unfair transit system – Link here

The Absolute Return Letter – The New Normal, Mk. II – Link here . One of the interesting points raised is how we calculate GDP. Not counting contribution of housewife has been one of the age old criticisms of how we calculate GDP. However if you observe closely new economy has to offer lot of things for free and doesn’t get captured in our GDP calculation. Case in point Google Map, we don’t pay for it (although technically we share our info, so we are selling our personal habits & life) but it helps lots of us.

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