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Netflix, Amazon Take Divergent Paths to Reach Indian Audience – Netflix is relying on its global programming, while Amazon is betting on going local with its video streaming service – Link here

The Weird Economics Of Ikea – Link here

The ATM allotment scam – Link here

Could Rising Insurance Premiums Eradicate Unlawful Police Conduct? – Link here – one more business opportunity of Indian insurance companies, however I haven’t heard court giving out huge compensation, hence first more people need to sue police.

Why the Industrial Revolution didn’t happen in China – I wonder why I never thought about this, for that matter replace China with India in above line. Everybody knows India & China have one of the oldest civilizations (anywhere in range of 2000-5000 year old), then how come somebody else i.e EU invented or chanced upon Industrial Revolution. Article gives interesting insight into how culture plays important role in our development – Link here

Bitcoin Isn’t Anonymous Enough – Link here

The silence of the lambs – The Tata-Mistry fight isn’t just about washing dirty linen in public. It is a wake-up call for Indian enterprises to start the cleansing process from within – Link here

Why Do Millennials Hate Groceries? – Link here

Don’t Be Afraid of All-Time Highs in the Stock Market – Link here

Damodaran’s 10 Rules for Addressing Uncertainty in Investment Valuations – Link here

Tough Transitions… – Link here – article highlights interesting point, whenever there is change of guard at the helm of company or group, it’s never smooth. Humans are irrational , so as new leader comes in and wants to chart new roadmap/future, existing people would feel boat being rocked and would feel uncomfortable to change to new style of working which in many case would mean protecting the inefficiency. Of course its inspired by ongoing tussle between Ratan Tata & Cyrus Mistery, but if you see many companies in india like L&T, HDFC, ICICI, ITC although they are run by professionals once top leader changes there is bound to be uncertainty and probably may face scenario like Tata. At the same time, there are tonnes of stories of Tata Trust here are few – Link here

Alpha Wounds: Lack of Independent Judgment – Link here

The Deutsche Bank Downfall – How a Pillar of German Banking Lost Its Way -For most of its 146 years, Deutsche Bank was the embodiment of German values: reliable and safe. Now, the once-proud institution is facing the abyss. SPIEGEL tells the story of how Deutsche’s 1990s rush to join the world banking elite paved the way for its own downfall – Link here

A brief history of what the hell is going on in Venezuela – Link here

The audacious plan to bring back supersonic flight — and change air travel forever – Link here and do check out this video on why supersonic flights has failed in first place – Link here

I Won $104 Million for Blowing the Whistle on My Company—But Somehow I Was the Only One Who Went to Jail – Link here

(Interactive info graphic) – Charting mergers and acquisitions by the big five companies in tech – Link here (click on explore stories to see various forms of data breakup)