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If you closely observe, at any given point of times there are scams going on around and you are probably not aware about it. Let me narrate one such small incident, pertaining to ATM allotment. There was 1 ATM close to my residence of very small private sector bank. I have tried using it couple of time and all the time either it didn’t have cash or was out of service. Many times I have observed that there are hardly any users of those ATM, unlike you see queue or people coming & going out I never saw anybody using ATMs. Then one fine day suddenly after almost 3-4 years Pvt sector ATM got closed down, I asked people around and spoke to few analyst that’s when I came to know it was SCAMMED ATM, meaning allotment was scammed. So ATM premise is on lease, so the owner of space gives a kick back to person (can anybody either bank employee or broker or anybody else) who makes sure his place is chosen for ATM location. I am not sure how landlord managed his taxation given he almost has to shell out 50% rent as kickback. Surely a very interesting scam.