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The Professor Who Had to Spend Half His Life to Make the Drug India Needs – Link here. “An original drug molecule devised in India, that too by an individual, is an extremely rare thing. Like some cosmic event, it marks the alignment of science, bureaucratic approval and pharmaceutical industry interest. Only two drugs have been credited to Indian researchers so far”. “There is also Dr Subhas Mukherjee, posthumously recognised as the architect of the world’s second ‘test-tube baby’. This baby was born a mere 67 days after Louise Brown, the first ‘test-tube baby’. The two births were in fact distinct simultaneous developments and Mukherjee’s process of keeping the fertilised ova frozen, before inserting it into the womb, is currently the preferred method of medically-assisted reproduction” (Dr Subhas Mukherjee life story is really tragic you can read Link here or just Google his name)

When Borders Close – Link here

The Dutch prison crisis: A shortage of prisoners – Link here

Why billionaires have more sons – Link here

Secret Back Door in Some U.S. Phones Sent Data to China, Analysts Say – Link here

The Heart of the U.S. Economy Is Weaker Than It Looks – Link here

How To Be An Ace Stock Picker – Link here

Humanity And AI Will Be Inseparable – Manuela Veloso | Head Of Machine Learning, Carnegie Mellon University – Link here

Family Feuds: The Promise and Peril of Family Group Companies! – Damodaran on ongoing Ratan Tata – Cyrus feud – Link here

Lost and Found with “the Most Wondrous Map Ever Produced” – Gates Notes – Link here

How T. Boone Pickens Sits Tight in the Riskiest of Businesses – Link here

Don’t confuse cheap with value – Chris Pavese – Link here

How the village feast paved the way to empires and economics – Link here

Sustainable Sources of Competitive Advantage – Link here

The Story Behind Jared Kushner’s Curious Acceptance into Harvard – (Jared Kushner is Son-in-law of Donald Trump) – Link here . We all know Harvard’s, Yale and other universities have huge endowment fund, these are built mostly by donation from billionaires & millionaires of the world. Good education cost money because faculties don’t come cheap and faculties also demand fund for their R&D and other project work. Also at the same time, there are number of students who are intelligent and eligible for good education but funding stops them, hence endowment help sponsor them free education. For all this, when you accept money from rich, of course he accepts couple of his kids or relatives to get admission easily.  Which to me seems ok, not sure how our IITs , IIMs and other operate but we should strongly pursue this idea to make sure best faculties are not lost to foreign universities and best students gets to learn for free or cheap and we don’t lose them to foreign universities.

How the First Farmers Changed History – Link here

This makes surely for one hell of story – The Secret World Of Indian Currency Printers – Link here . Key thing that stood out for me was, CEO of De La Rue was on IC-814 that was hijacked, De La Rue is regarded as king of currency manufacturer so why would his CEO travel on Indian public airlines?

Book Recommendation – The Power of habit – In past year I have read few books and “The Power of habit by Charles Duhigg stands out. I would highly recommend you to read it, as it would help you in better analyzing FMCG sector or improve yourself. I picked up book posted reading small article in NY Times – Link here and Flipkart or Amazon

In case you wish to check out some off beat movie, I suggest Spanish movie CELL 211 and Talk To Her

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