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Since vast readers of this blog are in some way related to investment fraternity you ought to read this insightful analysis on Manpasand Beverage Ltd that raised Rs400cr through IPO in Jun’15 and another 500cr through QIP in Sep-16 – The Curious Case Of Manpasand Beverages – Link here

Before Trump got voted to white house I was already wondering if manufacturing jobs would move back to the US. The reason behind my thought was very simple – more usage of Robots in manufacturing and abundant supply of Shale gas (power/energy). Manufacturing jobs are purely cost driven, the reason behind moving job to China in the first place is because labour is cheap. However now with the advent of robotic revolution and cheap energy to fuel those Robots, things might take U-turn? Do let me know your views on the same. Can the U.S. Become an Energy Superpower in 2017? – Link here

Given its almost been a month since the introduction of demonization to curb corruption and system has received Rs11.5trl cash of total outstanding Rs14trl one would be forced to wonder whether things are what it really seems. And you might be left scratching head once you read this beautiful analysis -Unraveling the mystery behind Rs 3-lakh crore deposits in 15 days – Link here

Learning to love the secret language of urine – Link here

The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity – Link here

Genevieve Bell: ‘Humanity’s greatest fear is about being irrelevant’ – The anthropologist explains why being scared about AI has more to do with our fear of each other than killer robots – Link here

(Long read) How to Hide $400 Million – When a wealthy businessman set out to divorce his wife, their fortune vanished. The quest to find it would reveal the depths of an offshore financial system bigger than the U.S. economy – Link here

How the cult of shareholder value has reshaped corporate America – The Cannibalized Company –

  • Part-1 – As stock buybacks reach historic levels, signs that corporate America is undermining itself – Link here
  • Part-2 – Stock buybacks enrich the bosses even when business sags – Link here
  • Part-3 – Buybacks fueled by cheap credit leave workers out of the equation – Link here

Confessions of an Instagram Influencer – I used to post cat photos. Then a marketing agency made me a star – Link here

Google Makes So Much Money, It Never Had to Worry About Financial Discipline—Until Now – Alphabet’s CFO Ruth Porat wants to bring focus to Mountain View. Can the moonshot factory adapt? – Link here

The Big Short: is the next financial crisis on its way? – Steve Eisman saw the last crash coming and was portrayed in an Oscar-winning film. Now he believes Europe’s banks, especially Italy’s, are at risk – Link here

Blood for Rs 4,000 a unit: Inside India’s blood black market – Link here

The Unexpected Management Genius of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg – Link here

The Stunning Story Of How Jayalalithaa Trounced MGR’s Wife To Take Over AIADMK – Link here

Jokes, Analogies and Anecdotes in Warren Buffett’s Shareholder Letters – Link here

(Infographic) Where Do Raw Materials Come From? – Link here