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(Must Read) – I find Ambit to be one of the best brokerage house, their reports are very insightful and innovative. Don’t miss latest Ambit Strategy – Forensic Accounting: Beware of the “Zone of Darkness” – Link here

How Much Equity Do Founders Have When Their Company Gets to IPO? – Link here

Google, democracy and the truth about internet search – Tech-savvy rightwingers have been able to ‘game’ the algorithms of internet giants and create a new reality where Hitler is a good guy, Jews are evil and… Donald Trump becomes president – Link here

The Bad Side of a Good Idea Why fewer companies are going public, why it’s a problem, and what we can do about it – Link here

A few notes I took after reading Michael Mauboussin’s Base Rate book – Link here

The Formula for Valuing All Assets – Link here

To stash their cash outside of China, middle-class Chinese are funding gentrification in Brooklyn – Link here

Aswath Damodaran on the death of active investment and rise of ETF – Active Investing: Rest in Peace or Resurgent Force? – Link here


Brazil just enacted the harshest austerity program in the world – The president is giving unprecedented shock therapy to the country’s failing economy – Link here

OUR AUTOMATED FUTURE – How long will it be before you lose your job to a robot? – Link here

The Irrationality Within Us – Why we are not as rational as we think, and why that matters – Link here

Moody’s slashes its outlook for the global asset management industry – Link here

Octopuses and the Puzzle of Aging – Link here

The seven excuses of highly paid chief executives – How bosses have resisted proposals aimed at slowing the upward movement in their pay – Link here

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