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Say there’s a murder. Blood everywhere, a dead guy on the floor. The cops come in with their yellow tape, chalk line, the little booties, cameras, swabs, the fingerprint dust. One of them finds a gun on the floor. The gun! He lifts it with his pinkie, examines it, takes note of the serial number. Back at the station, they run a trace on the gun. A name pops up. It’s the wife! Or: It’s the business partner! It’s somebody’s gun, and this is so exciting because now they know who did it. Except—no. You are watching too much TV. It doesn’t work like that. Read on to find out – Inside the Federal Bureau Of Way Too Many Guns – Link here

As more Indian women line up to get ‘designer vaginas’, some doctors ring ethical alarm bells – Indian medical bodies are holding workshops to teach doctors surgical techniques that make female genitals ‘aesthetically pleasing’ – Link here

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