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China May Soon Shock the Market – Link here

The End of Enterprise IT – Link here

This Team Runs Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Page – Link here and Will Mark Zuckerberg Be Our (USA) Next President? – Link here

The rise of the professional Airbnb investor – Link here

Trump’s 10 Troubling Deals with Foreign Power-Players – Link here

WHEN THE FEDS WENT AFTER THE HEDGE-FUND LEGEND STEVEN A. COHEN – Inside the government’s nearly ten-year battle against one of the most powerful men on Wall Street – Link here – American series Billions seem to have taken a lot of inspiration from insider trading case on SAC capital.

Iceland Knows How To Stop Teen Substance Abuse. The World Isn’t Listening – Link here – somewhere every country has this problem of youth being getting addicted to drugs or alcohol or cigarette etc but Iceland is an exception. Their rates are very low compared to anybody in the world and solution is fairly simple. Just offer youth activity that can be life skill and voila you are done. It can be anything right from dancing, singing, sports etc. There is innate feeling in human nature that craves for some kind of acceptance, feel part of tribe or group that has meaning or respect.

One interesting line that caught my attention “In the UK, for example, the fact that teens are now spending more time at home interacting online rather than in person could be one of the major reasons for the drop in alcohol consumption” – smartphones below or near to Rs5,000/- and free internet courtesy Jio or affordable data packs, how long before India’s alcohol consumption starts declining? However, on the ground feels says this has lead to more ease of buying & selling of drugs. India has witnessed huge inflow of many new synthetic drugs (made in a lab and not grown in the field, remember breaking bad?) most of them are probably not listed as banned or narcotics under our law.

Sticking with the usage of Mobile, the only reason I have been changing my mobile phone is because it runs out of storage space, call it Tyranny of appJack Hidary coined that term. I wonder about all those who are at bottom of pyramid and who can’t afford to regular upgrade their phones. Jack had made a prediction this problem would be solved soon and looks like we have a winner here – Tapzo – Tapzo integrates some 35 apps and that’s something read more about app Link here and Link here. (I have not used the app, but will try it out on soon)

Our 9,000-Year Love Affair With Booze – Alcohol isn’t just a mind-altering drink: It has been a prime mover of human culture from the beginning, fueling the development of arts, language, and religion – Link here, really interesting history about alcohol and human civilisation.

Savvy CEOs Are Learning to Manage Trump – Link here

Aid in reverse: how poor countries develop rich countries – Link here or you can skip reading and watch it on YouTube – Link here (3.5mins)

Grandmasters of Work – Link here

The Great Unbundling – Link here, this definitely simplifies TV business and future of it.

Wall Street Analysts Give Investors What They Want – Link here – this reminds me one of the reports that SocGen had come up with some years back. SocGen carried out a survey with buy side and found that they valued analyst more for his ability to get corporate meeting/concall rather than his reports/models.

Yes, this is the Asian Century. But there’s still cause for Western optimism – Link here


I favour animated movie over real people, not sure why. I have been a fan of Disney – Pixar movies right be it Toy Story or bugs life or Monster Inc or finding Nemo or Cars and the list is endless. However, if you observe closely each of characters has appeared in each movie. If you had spotted this connection, congrats you are a true fan. If not check it out to know what Easter eggs you missed – Link here (facebook video)