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24% India’s MPs/MLAs Say They Don’t Need To Pay Tax Or Have No Income – Link here

As many as 1,676 (35%) elected representatives declared annual incomes less than Rs 2.5 lakh.

Why are Indian engineers so afraid of ‘artificial intelligence’? – Link here – Line that caught my attention

“Forget getting people of our choice, we don’t even get applications when we advertise for positions for our AI team,”

“Around 40% of their working time is spent searching for the right talent”

“Only 4% of AI professionals in India have actually worked on cutting-edge technologies like deep learning and neural networks”

My Snap Story: Valuing Snap ahead of its IPO! – Link here

The Data That Turned the World Upside Down – Link here

Apples and Oranges: Why ISRO Rockets Aren’t Comparable to Falcons or Arianes – Link here

The practical, unsexy steps it takes to actually become a millionaire – Link here

Gigerenzer’s simple rules – Link here – line that caught my attention

“There is a big difference between risk and uncertainty. You are dealing with risk when you know all the alternatives, outcomes and their probabilities. You are dealing with uncertainty when you don’t know all the alternatives, outcomes or their probabilities. “

“My advise would be to trust more in expert knowledge, in long years of experience. Don’t buy statistical algorithms you don’t understand. Many managers buy big data algorithms which come in black boxes because they are not sure, they don’t really understand what all these are about. But they think, ‘if I don’t buy that, and if things go wrong, I am responsible, and have to take the blame. If I buy that, it costs the company something, but I am safe’. There is a lot defensive decision in society and unwillingness to take responsibility, and the fear of one’s own common sense.”

An AI Hedge Fund Created a New Currency to Make Wall Street Work Like Open Source – Link here

Sorry, Y’All—Humanity’s Nearing an Upgrade to Irrelevance – Link here

Where Flying Cars Might Take Us – Link here

We tend to think of blue sky as a free-for-all, but the Federal Aviation Administration has strict rules controlling where aircraft can go.

The rules are designed to keep airplanes from knocking each other out of the sky and terrorizing the people on the ground.

Virat Kohli’s Rs 110-crore deal with Puma may sound earth-shattering, but it’s actually a steal – Link here

It’s an unprecedented deal for an Indian sports personality – Rs 110 crore over eight years works out to Rs 13.75 crore, or approximately $2 million, annually. And that’s just with one single brand.

In 2014, the German sport apparel giant had signed Kohli on for a three-year deal worth Rs 30 crore, which is Rs 10 crore per year. Whatever the reasons, the contract was not renewed in 2017, and Puma barged in.

“That’s the reason why Nike has lifetime deals with LeBron James, Cristiano Ronaldo and Michael Jordan, and Adidas with David Beckham”

Coming back to the deal itself, Rs 110 crore is a lot of money. Only Sachin Tendulkar and MS Dhoni come close when it comes to the valuation. Both have been in the Rs 100-crore league, but only via multiple brands.

“If Puma had to pay any international star, it would not be less than $5 million a year. They are getting Virat for $2 million a year and that’s a very good deal,”

Usain Bolt, has multiple-time Olympic gold-medallist signed a $10 million-a-year deal with Puma in 2013 through to 2016, an “extra $10 million” if the Jamiacan takes part in the 2017 World Championships in Athletics, and an additional $4 million annual salary to be a “Puma ambassador” after retiring. According to Forbes, Bolt’s deal with Puma runs through to 2025, which will be long after his retirement.

Inside the Macedonian fake-news complex – Link here

Why Humanity Destroyed Itself – (YouTube) – Link here

Explore India using data – explore. visualize. compare. Understand – Link here – you can compared / visualize data district /state/gender/religion etc etc. explore and learn about India.

No CEO: The Swedish company where nobody is in charge – Link here – Headline says it all.