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(Must read) – Gambling is a feature of capitalism—not a bug – Link heresome history on finance, its long read if you want to read just ONE thing for the weekend this is it.

How Uber Uses Psychological Tricks to Push Its Drivers’ Buttons – The company has undertaken an extraordinary experiment in behavioural science to subtly entice an independent work force to maximise its growth – Link here

 Jerks and the Start-Ups They Ruin – Link here

Mecca of Capitalism and biggest advocate of Corporate Governance seems to be going backwards with help of technology – US companies defy investors with switch to online annual meetingsLink here

The flip side of ‘one nation, one tax’ – India is the only large country in the world that is experiencing subnational income divergence – Link here

GST aims to forge an economic union of India at a time when the economic disparity among the various states of India is at its peak.

The average Tamilian earns Rs1.4 lakh per year, four times more than the average Bihari’s annual income of Rs35,000.

The big gamble of GST is that the economic benefits to the nation as a whole will trump the fissiparous predilections of India’s political union. Amid the jubilation over a newly forged tax union, it is perhaps appropriate to recall the warning of one of India’s tallest statesmen, C. Rajagopalachari, in the early years of the republic—“you cannot achieve unity of this country by imposing uniformity.”

Risk is How Much Time You Need – Link here

The most important question to ask when thinking about risk isn’t how much volatility or upside you’re looking for, but how much time your emotions and goals need for that volatility to and upside to play out.

Sometimes history does repeat itself and if you are a sell-side brokerage house or analyst you are bound to commit same mistake “Staying too bullish” – here is the first article – Morgan Stanley made an error analyzing Snapchat, and it shines a light on some big flaws in Wall Street researchLink here – needless to say, if you belong to sell side you would sympathize with the analyst. However, if you been bit old in a market, you would get a feeling of Déjà vu, Mary Meeker of same brokerage house made calculation error sometime in 2007/08- Found: Morgan Stanley’s Billion-Dollar YouTube MistakeLink here.  However most important is how as human we try to fool ourselves when our mistakes are pointed out. Prof Sanjeev Bakshi in past has written a very good piece on it connecting with concept of sunk cost fallacy – Link here – good time to revisit the same.

Continuing with fooling oneself – Living a Lie: We Deceive Ourselves to Better Deceive OthersLink here

The Arrival Of Artificial Intelligence Link here

Your Brain Wasn’t Built to Handle RealityLink here – just a few behavioural biases.

Uncovering the Secret History of Wall Street’s Largest Oil Trade – Link here

Old article, but makes a good read. It gives you an idea to stop & think before jumping on hyper growth company as your next portfolio overweight stock- Lessons from the Fall of SunEdisonLink here

India seems to be a hot bed of Multi-level/chain marketing companies, more so it seems like hydra-headed monster of which you cut one head and another 2 pops up – A Questionable Investment Scheme Dominated ASSOCHAM’s “Global Summit” On Bitcoin And Blockchain TechnologyLink here

Some insight into frauds happening – Who’s Stealing From Your Dad Right Now?Link here

The Death of the Monthly Salary – Link here

You must be aware of The Great Roman Empire and his army, however, do you know organisation chart of his army? (Video)Link here

For all those who wish to travel the world and work on the move – In Praise of a Nomadic Life – Link here

Interesting innovation – Mulund Man Wants To Save Lives With His ‘Anti-Suicide’ Ceiling Fan Rods – Link here