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Detecting Lies on Earnings Calls – Link here – everybody is looking for edge that would help them make money in market and here is one very innovative way.

British Cops Want to Use AI to Spot Porn – Link hereFor everybody who thinks fully automatic car are gone be soon real, or for that matter AI will replace humans and tonnes of job , here is problem area that I have shared earlier also, Smart AI is actually is not that smart yet.

How Facebook Dominated the Social Network World – Link here

What Needs to Happen Before Electric Cars Take Over the World – Link here – this is called serendipity, just last week, me & few friends were discussing this over lunch and here is the article that exactly outlines my concerns & questions about oncoming of EV revolution.  It’s not that I am not happy if EVs replace the existing petrol/diesel/gas cars, it’s just that I am not convinced because of facts highlighted in above article. I would be more than happy to be proved wrong, if any of you can convince with facts & figures, please email/message and I would be happy to buy you lunch/dinner/coffee and give you one of my favourite book.

India’s Rural Poor May Miss Green Jobs Boom. How To Avoid That – Link here

A shameful failure to tackle overfishing – Link here

The Economist “Ten things we learned in 2017” – Link here – refer article

  • How plastic-eating caterpillars could save the planet
  • How wrapping buildings in plastic film could be an alternative to air conditioning
  • How Finland is experimenting with giving people a monthly “basic income”
  • Why more adults are not having children—and that’s totally fine

Why India’s Deadly Coal-Power Plants Will Continue Polluting – Link hereIt would cost $38 billion (Rs 2.4 lakh crore) to clean up India’s coal-fired power plants, said New Delhi-based Association of Power Producers, and electricity would become costlier.

Human Behavior and The Panic of 1907Link here

The futility of asking how the market will fareLink here

Bitcoin and the law of centralizationLink here

Next Year Could Be the Last Time Stock Pickers Rule Investing – Link here

CRISPR in 2018: Coming to a Human Near You – Link here – my blogs have covered this tech (CRISPR) in past, this is just an update on tech which I think can revolutionize medicine/pharma industry.

Let’s Be Honest: Are You An Investor Or A Speculator? – Link here

Charles Munger on Bitcoin – Link here

How Tech Companies Own Your Day – Link here

Why you can’t cash out pt 1: Why Bitcoin’s “price” is largely fictionalLink here

One of the quality or characteristic of good person or company is they have immense respect for their competitor (& free market) and Bloomberg demonstrates this impressively by publishing “Jealousy List 2017”, compilation of articles done by their competitor or anybody else which they wish they had done it – Link here – I wonder if something similar happens or can be done in broking industry, let me know your thoughts.

Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw- On Leadership and DisciplineLink here

Deep Pockets, Deep Cover: The UAE Is Paying Ex-CIA Officers to Build a Spy Empire in the GulfLink here