Read, Learn, Improve – 6-May-17


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Watch: Robot bricklayers are here. Could they replace manual construction workers in India too? – Robotic process automation could lead to a loss of half of the world’s jobs by 2050 – Link here

What if You Could Grow a Baby in a Bottle? – Link here

A Chicken That Grows Slower and Tastes Better – Link here

If you observe every industry has its unique way of doing a scam, of course, its financial industry that’s probably at the forefront or is more highlighted in media, not sure which one. Here is one scam pertaining to wildlife photography – Love wildlife photos? There’s a good chance they weren’t shot in the wildLink here

Why I Lost My Bet With Warren Buffett – Link here

Experts on an Earlier Version of the World – Link here

ETFs Become the Investing World’s No. 1 Scapegoat – Link here

Trading volatility? Good luck catching that sharp knife – Link here

IIT Roorkee scientists create low-cost solar cells using Jamun – Link here

The Absolute Return Letter – Investment RulesLink here

UDAN: Giving flight to aam aadmi’s aspirations – Link here – Before UDAN, India had set up 76 operational airports in 70 years; and now in one year we will add 33.”

Prioritising these three things will improve your life — and maybe even save it – Link here

So this is phenomena that everybody would have witnessed, wherein new boss/CEO is appointed and he gets huge salary and you wonder why, well read on – The Clive Effect – Link here

Why Bargain Travel Sites May No Longer Be Bargains – Link here

How much money can you really expect when you turn in your manuscript to a publisher? – A handy guide for writers to advance payments for their books – Link here – a peek into the business model of a writer/authors/publishing industry.

I think as automation quicken its pace, this is one of the future job – Hyderabad’s Human Library – Link here

Ten Signs You’re Interviewing With The Wrong Companies – Link here

(Not related to market, but interesting) What Bullets Do to Bodies – The gun debate would change in an instant if Americans witnessed the horrors that trauma surgeons confront every day – Link here

Read, Learn, Improve – 29-Apr-17



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Frank and Steven’s Excellent Corporate-Raiding Adventure – Two law professors tried to mimic big activist hedge funds, investing their retirement savings in a small, languishing public company and trying to shake it up. Here’s what happenedLink here

Is It Time to Break Up Google? – Link here

Grantham: The Rules Have Changed for Value Investors – Link here

Trump Takes Aim at the H-1B Visa Program – Link hereinteresting analysis with actual numbers, however at the end of the day every company is a business and hence this may just add a push to increasing offshore component.

Animals Set Survival Record Inside Artificial Womb – Link here

A venture capitalist explains how to become insanely well-connected – Link here

And Now for Something on Index Funds – Link here

Not an inside job: How two analysts became SEC whistleblowers – Link here

Stress and Comfort: Careful What You Wish For – Link here

In Kotak Daily dated 24-Apr-17, there was report on India’s skill, here is the table that caught my attentionKotak-Education

Now what could be the reason behind such a poor reading skill – well most people would blame “Teacher” and reason would be “s/he doesn’t show up at school”. Here is fact on same – India’s Absent Teachers: Not As Big A Problem As We Think – Link here

If Whistle-blowers Want Action, They Have To Interact And TrustLink here

It seems to be an open season for whistle-blower letters these days—at least, at Moneylife. We keep getting one letter after another exposing the dirt on Indian capital markets and companies. Unfortunately, the deep expertise of insiders, and the excruciating detail they go into will not have the desired impact if the regulator fails to act. What is worse, anonymous whistle-blowers, lacking in courage and suffering from a trust deficit, seldom provide enough evidence of their charges to warrant an investigation by resource-strapped entities like ours.  On the other hand, large media organisations, which ought to be the first destination for such letters, are either compromised by the massive advertising budgets of the target entities, or their journalists are unwilling to alienate powerful people through investigative work.

There is a plot in Casino Royale between terrorist financer & terrorist operating in the African region if you remember it – the financier takes the money and use the same to short sell a stock and in turn arranges for an attack on company – crashing a truck in an airplane. All this is fiction, till the time you read this – Germany: Suspect bet against Dortmund then bombed its bus – Link here

Our Puny Human Brains Are Terrible at Thinking About the Future – Link here

Why Food Is Taking Over Your Life – Link here

From Netflix to rented homes, why are we less interested in ownership? – Link here

Elevators in an age of higher towers and bigger cities – During an era of rapid urbanisation, the humble lift is getting a high-tech upgradeLink here

Cadbury’s worms of graft: Whistleblower reveals all – Link here

The Truth About Earnings and Stock Valuations – Link here

Market has been abuzz with Trump govt coming up with proposal to reduce corporate tax but – How Markets Respond to Tax Reform – Link here

Cracking the Mystery of Labor’s Falling Share of GDP – Link here

Read, Learn, Improve – 22-Apr-17

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Everything about Self Driving Cars Explained for Non-Engineers – Link here

Unlike Hyperloop, Elon Musk’s Electric Big-Rig Actually Makes Sense – Link Here

Honey, I know what you did last night – Link here

Bravado and Investing – The line between irrational optimism and self-confidence is mighty thin – Link here

The Most Important Lessons – Lesson 2: Building and widening your moat – Link here

Idiots Scaring Themselves in the Dark – Link here

Which Graduate Degree Gets You Out of Debt the Fastest? – Link here

This Is How Climate Change Might Kill UsLink here

Welcome to Tencent’s Flipkart, Amazon’s new adversaryLink here

The math is staggering. The players have pumped in over $15 billion so far to woo a customer base of 10 million regular monthly transacting users.

Flipkart may be fighting Amazon. But Amazon is not fighting Flipkart. Amazon is fighting to create habit.

Flipkart’s funding is an indication of how everyone is betting, quite sensibly, that Amazon can’t own a 100% of the e-commerce market—that’s it.

Walmart’s e-commerce binge is one big Silicon Valley bailout – Link here

Old economics is based on false ‘laws of physics’ – new economics can save us – Link here

Why Tesla’s Stock Is in Ludicrous Mode – Link here

A history of global living conditions in 5 charts – Link here

News is bad for you – and giving up reading it will make you happier – Link here

This one’s for the energy nerds out there. The University of Texas Austin’s Energy Institute has put out an incredibly useful interactive map (Link here) showing what types of power plants are cheapest to build in every county in the continental United States. This interactive map shows why renewables and natural gas are taking over the US – Link here. How I wish Govt Of India makes one such for India, wishful thinking I guess.

3 lakh shell companies may soon vanish from Companies’ Register – Link here

What Dolly Kumari Learned–And How It Could Change India’s Textiles Industry – Link here

Batteries could be Tesla’s secret weapon – Link here

How Uganda fixed leakages with transparency, and why it matters to India – Link here

This sound likes death of back office – The Blockchain Could Change the Backbone of the Stock Market (Infographic)Link here

34 Startup Metrics for Tech Entrepreneurs (Infographic)Link here

There is general belief that people working in – Hedge fund, Venture Capital or Google or any of those fancy industry or company – are smart. They can never be wrong, however time & again it has been proved how much stupid we all can be. Here is one live example of the same – Silicon Valley’s $400 Juicer May Be Feeling the Squeeze – Link here

Babri Masjid case: LK Advani has paid political price, but SC order could be blessing in disguise for BJP – Link here


Read, Learn, Improve – 15-Apr-17


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The Most Important Lessons – Lesson 1: Know thyself, value investor – Link here

Outlook grows dimmer for stock-picking fund managers – Link here

The $90 Billion Investor Who’s Out to Fire Wall Street – Link here

Lies, Damn Lies, and Financial Statistics – Link here

China Is Playing a $9 Trillion Game of Chicken With Savers – Link here

With the rise of OTT platforms, are more Indians watching the IPL on their phones than television? – Link here

Here’s One More Thing to Blame on Senior ManagementLink here

The age of unenlightenment – An inflated sense of our own wisdom is making us dumber and less civil. Can the experts bring us back into line? – Link here

The Dark Secret at the Heart of AILink here

Humankind: The Post-Truth SpeciesLink here

There has been lot of noise about Aadhar and hence it makes immense sense to listen to founder Nandan Nilekani, two interviews with lot of good insights –Seminal year for move towards cashless paymentsLink here and Aadhaar is being demonised because it’s so transparentLink here

Deep Work: Rules for focussed success in a distracted worldLink here

Why Banning the Salary-History Question Is Good for Job ApplicantsLink here

Movie Studios love the blockbuster franchise because it tells what audience likes and studio can replicate the same again. Hollywood studio has truly understood this concept and made a science out of an Art. Unlike studio bosses or producer or director or anybody guessing what audience liked in movie, one has to show data what works and what doesn’t, here is what data analysis for a movie looks like for “The Fast & The Furious Series” – The Stats of the FuriousLink here

 The 20 Largest Stock Exchanges in the World – Link here

Stories, not places, inspire us to travel – Link here –if automation kicks in and takes up a lot of routine jobs, countries need to develop service jobs that can replace the same. There is need to create a job that is personalized in nature and hence not replaceable by machines, giving a guided tour, sharing stories of historic places is one such job which I believe has a lot of potentials in a country like India that has an awesome history and places to offer to the global tourist. No doubt there is a small risk of the guide being replaced by a handheld mp3 player that has pre-recorded stories.


Read, Learn, Improve – 8-Apr-17


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(Must read) – Gambling is a feature of capitalism—not a bug – Link heresome history on finance, its long read if you want to read just ONE thing for the weekend this is it.

How Uber Uses Psychological Tricks to Push Its Drivers’ Buttons – The company has undertaken an extraordinary experiment in behavioural science to subtly entice an independent work force to maximise its growth – Link here

 Jerks and the Start-Ups They Ruin – Link here

Mecca of Capitalism and biggest advocate of Corporate Governance seems to be going backwards with help of technology – US companies defy investors with switch to online annual meetingsLink here

The flip side of ‘one nation, one tax’ – India is the only large country in the world that is experiencing subnational income divergence – Link here

GST aims to forge an economic union of India at a time when the economic disparity among the various states of India is at its peak.

The average Tamilian earns Rs1.4 lakh per year, four times more than the average Bihari’s annual income of Rs35,000.

The big gamble of GST is that the economic benefits to the nation as a whole will trump the fissiparous predilections of India’s political union. Amid the jubilation over a newly forged tax union, it is perhaps appropriate to recall the warning of one of India’s tallest statesmen, C. Rajagopalachari, in the early years of the republic—“you cannot achieve unity of this country by imposing uniformity.”

Risk is How Much Time You Need – Link here

The most important question to ask when thinking about risk isn’t how much volatility or upside you’re looking for, but how much time your emotions and goals need for that volatility to and upside to play out.

Sometimes history does repeat itself and if you are a sell-side brokerage house or analyst you are bound to commit same mistake “Staying too bullish” – here is the first article – Morgan Stanley made an error analyzing Snapchat, and it shines a light on some big flaws in Wall Street researchLink here – needless to say, if you belong to sell side you would sympathize with the analyst. However, if you been bit old in a market, you would get a feeling of Déjà vu, Mary Meeker of same brokerage house made calculation error sometime in 2007/08- Found: Morgan Stanley’s Billion-Dollar YouTube MistakeLink here.  However most important is how as human we try to fool ourselves when our mistakes are pointed out. Prof Sanjeev Bakshi in past has written a very good piece on it connecting with concept of sunk cost fallacy – Link here – good time to revisit the same.

Continuing with fooling oneself – Living a Lie: We Deceive Ourselves to Better Deceive OthersLink here

The Arrival Of Artificial Intelligence Link here

Your Brain Wasn’t Built to Handle RealityLink here – just a few behavioural biases.

Uncovering the Secret History of Wall Street’s Largest Oil Trade – Link here

Old article, but makes a good read. It gives you an idea to stop & think before jumping on hyper growth company as your next portfolio overweight stock- Lessons from the Fall of SunEdisonLink here

India seems to be a hot bed of Multi-level/chain marketing companies, more so it seems like hydra-headed monster of which you cut one head and another 2 pops up – A Questionable Investment Scheme Dominated ASSOCHAM’s “Global Summit” On Bitcoin And Blockchain TechnologyLink here

Some insight into frauds happening – Who’s Stealing From Your Dad Right Now?Link here

The Death of the Monthly Salary – Link here

You must be aware of The Great Roman Empire and his army, however, do you know organisation chart of his army? (Video)Link here

For all those who wish to travel the world and work on the move – In Praise of a Nomadic Life – Link here

Interesting innovation – Mulund Man Wants To Save Lives With His ‘Anti-Suicide’ Ceiling Fan Rods – Link here

Happy New Year


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If you are related to financial field, you have already heard that on 1-Apr, if not well it’s beginning of new financial year. I know it’s really a bad joke to begin when I want to deliver a very serious message. Key reason behind me writing to you is, to make this world a better place in my own way, I know there is always a NGO to whom we can write a cheque and get it done. But after doing it, I wasn’t satisfied hence have been trying out new way of giving back to society in my own way. My education & job background is heavily related to finance – stock market to be more specific, hence I thought of helping through that. Below is the key advice, that I have garnered through own & others experience over period of time. (This advice is for age group of 25-40)

Don’t think about stock market investment till you have done below enlisted steps

  • Insurance is for your family not for you, so buy term policy and think of how much money your family will get if you die – stop thinking, what if I survive, I don’t get anything, this is bad deal, remember insurance is for your FAMILY not for YOU. Also don’t buy insurance just for saving tax. (What this also means is bye bye to all those LIC schemes which returns you money with some bonus after 20/30/40 yrs – returns are in line with saving account. Only say YES to term plan.
  • Buy a good mediclaim at least worth 4-5 lakh per person, if its family of 4/6 well multiple that by amount by 4/6. If you have a corporate mediclaim buy that and make sure everyone is covered there.
  • If you have senior citizen parents that are not covered, go to PNB or Bank or Bank of Baroda they have cheap senior citizen plan – rest all are very very expensive, choice is yours.
  • Emergency fund – Now keep 6 months worth of expenses in cash or saving account or liquid fund or unused credit card for emergency – don’t touch this for anything that is not emergency.
  • If you have outstanding loan, first pay that off or plan for that before doing anything else.
  • Now start a SIP for your retirement – equity MF is best.
  • Also start SIP for college education for your kid (some may start this before earlier one, choice is yours).
  • Start SIP for holidays include your long weekend picnics too.
  • SIP for 4/5 yearly car upgrade.
  • Now if you are left with any money go ahead and come to stock market.

This is the most important message that I want drive home to everybody, I have noticed many of husbands either don’t tell their wife/family about financial investment/assets or wife/family didn’t bother asking (in few instances vice versa also). It’s advisable to make a list and share it, so in worst case scenario s/he is aware about it and manage rest of the life peacefully.

I am not an insurance agent or a financial advisor/planner nor do I give stock market tips.

If you think above outlined plan is too much for you, hire a financial advisor whose interests are align with your goals and not his commission.

Good luck and Happy New Year


Read, Learn, Improve – 1-Apr-17



Read, Learn, Improve – 1-Apr-17

The body is the missing link for truly intelligent machines – Link here

We draw on experiences and expectations to predict likely outcomes from a relatively small number of observed samples. So when a human thinks about a cat, she can probably picture the way it moves, hear the sound of purring, feel the impending scratch from an unsheathed claw. She has a rich store of sensory information at her disposal to understand the idea of a ‘cat’, and other related concepts that might help her interact with such a creature.

This means that when a human approaches a new problem, most of the hard work has already been done. In ways that we’re only just beginning to understand, our body and brain, from the cellular level upwards, have already built a model of the world that we can apply almost instantly to a wide array of challenges. But for an AI algorithm, the process begins from scratch each time. There is an active and important line of research, known as ‘inductive transfer’, focused on using prior machine-learned knowledge to inform new solutions. However, as things stand, it’s questionable whether this approach will be able to capture anything like the richness of our own bodily models.

This is some history class for investors – The mysterious man who owns one solitary share in the unlisted Tata Sons – Link here

SILICON VALLEY’S QUEST TO LIVE FOREVER – Can billions of dollars’ worth of high-tech research succeed in making death optional? – Link here

wish to preserve life as we know it, even at the cost of dying, is profoundly human. We are encoded with the belief that death is the mother of beauty. And we are encoded, too, with the contradictory determination to remain exactly as we are, forever—or at least for just a bit longer, before we have to go.

We all have been guilty of taking wrong decision in life at some point, well here is one solution – Before you make an emotional decision, ask yourself these four questions – Link here

Cars and second order consequences – Link hereThis gives some amazing insight into how electric & automated car will change things – for starters

  • Full autonomy, is a bit further off – perhaps 5-10 years,
  • Since gas is sold at very low margins, these retailers make their actual money as convenience stores, so what happens to the products that are sold there?
    Gasoline is taxed, much less in the USA than in many other developed markets: it is 4% of UK tax revenue, for example. That tax revenue will have to be replaced, with other taxes on things that may be more elastic, and there will be economic and political consequences to that.
  • Even simple ‘Level 3’ systems would cut many kinds of accident, and as more vehicles with more sophisticated systems, moving up to Level 5, cycle into the installed base over time, the collision rate will drop continuously. That, in turn, has consequences for vehicle design – if you have no collisions then eventually you can remove many of the safety features in today’s vehicles, all of which add cost and weight and constrain the overall design – no more airbags or crumple zones, perhaps.
  • video on phantom jams – I believe this the reason behind most of the jams that happen in Andheri

Where Markets Fail: Markets Assume Fungibility – Link here

Selling Sugar Short? – Link here – I wonder what this means for nation of india , that has huge history and consumption of Mithai. 

How to get rich like Warren Buffett – Link herean outline of plan on how to scam someone using Warren Buffett and his quotes.

UP’s Anti-Abattoir Campaign Could Cripple Prime Revenue- And Job-Generating Industries – Link here

The Milk that lasts for months – Ultra-heat-treated milk is a shelf staple, especially in tropical climes where milk easily spoils. BBC Future investigates its special properties – Link here

Yuval Harari on why humans won’t dominate Earth in 300 years – Link here

Intelligence is not consciousness. Intelligence is the ability to solve problems. Consciousness is the ability to feel things. In humans and other animals, the two indeed go together. The way mammals solve problems is by feeling things. Our emotions and sensations are really an integral part of the way we solve problems in our lives. However, in the case of computers, we don’t see the two going together.

‘Bro, I’m Going Rogue’: The Wall Street Informant Who Double-Crossed the FBI – Guy Gentile flipped, and flipped again – Link here

HFT as an insight into where fintech is going – Link here

In the worst case scenario, those who know they’re being disadvantaged withdraw from the market completely, sabotage the data as best they can or — one might imagine — openly revolt against the system altogether (say by finding a way to nab some of the returns for themselves HFT-style or voting in powers which promise to protect them no matter what).

Instagram Killed the Retail StoreLink here

Novice investor take valuation at face value, take math and apply it as it is and they get answer, very often answer is different from prevailing price in market. This is when they approach or listen to professionals and get to know Valuation is 50% Maths and 50% Arts. This gets more brilliantly highlighted in new proposal by David Einhorn – Founder of Hedge Fund Greenlight Capital LLC – for General Motors – Hedge-Fund Manager Wants to Rearrange GM’s StockLink here . You can check out complete proposal – Link here – I think Tata Motors has already done same thing.

Finance is about dividing up risks, and allocating those risks to the people most able and willing to bear them. People who want more risk cushion those who want more safety; people who want more safety compensate the willing risk-takers for that insurance; everyone is better off. Progress in finance, then, is about finding clever ways to slice risks more finely and market them to people who want them. People who like General Motors’s business but want safe steady income can just buy its bonds. People who like its business and want more upside in exchange for more risk can buy its common stock. But these are crude divisions, and a true financial visionary will see a category of risk — Dividend Shares — that doesn’t exist yet and try to fill that need.

The Management Myth – Most of management theory is inane, writes our correspondent, the founder of a consulting firm. If you want to succeed in business, don’t get an M.B.A. Study philosophy insteadLink here – very long read.

The reason Hollywood’s studio leadership is in flux: The business model is changing – Link here

Why Yale and Columbia are accepting students from a university that holds classes in a basement in Tehran – Link here

This makes for a fun read – What If Other Areas of Life Operated Like Wall Street?Link here


Read, Learn, Improve – 25-Mar-17


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If there is one brokerage house on street that is on mission of educating market participate at large on investing, its Ambit. This time they did a townhall with Mr. KN Sivasubramanian’s – Ex-CIO, Franklin Templeton and it is nothing short of amazing learning experience that one can ask for. Here is full transcript of the same – Ambit-Townhall-Mar17-2017.pdf-1 . Ignore everything and read this first, miss at your own peril.

The cheapskates who don’t want to spend on the big, fat Indian wedding – Link here

Why Carlos Ghosn took ten years to taste success in India – Link here

Ritholtz’s Rules of Valuations – Link here

The secret war on your savings has already begun!! – Link here

Apple’s next big thing: augmented reality – Apple has built a team combining the

The cheapskates who don’t want to spend on the big, fat Indian wedding – Link here

Why Carlos Ghosn took ten years to taste success in India – Link here

Ritholtz’s Rules of Valuations – Link here

The secret war on your savings has already begun!! – Link here

Apple’s next big thing: augmented reality – Apple has built a team combining the strengths of its hardware and software veterans by acquiring small firms with knowledge of augmented reality hardware, 3D gaming and virtual reality – Link here

Gradual Improvements Go Unnoticed – Link here“Bill Gates said: “Headlines, in a way, are what mislead you, because bad news is a headline, and gradual improvement is not.”

How food delivery apps have changed the game for restaurants – Link here

Silicon Valley likes to “move fast and break things.” What happens when it makes cars? – Link here

“Why American Farmers Are Hacking Their Tractors With Ukrainian Firmware” (DE) – Link herejust wondering if any Indian and Chinese tractor manufacturing are taking advantage of the situation or not?

A startup says it can now produce enough for 4 million meatless burgers a month – Link hereI think India just found how to save its cow or India’s beef export may just get hit?

The Behavior of Stock Market Manias – Link hereThis article is based on book called Bull by Maggie Mahar – it has taken one example of Dell computers to highlight use & misuse of ESOPs, buyback and of course playing derivative market when your core job was to manufacture & sell PC- super article MUST READ

Although Dell (the founder) was personally selling his own shares, he clearly he wasn’t concerned about using Dell (the company) cash to buy back excessively overvalued shares. In fact, the company readily admitted that the shares repurchased weren’t done with any sort of benchmark to value, they were done simply to offset the dilutive effects of the huge number of options that the company executives gave themselves.

Connect to Levo at airports and network for business deals in a lounge – Link here – I guess analyst/FM would hope to run into management of listed or even unlisted companies to understand business.

Silicon Valley Would Rather Cure Death Than Make Life Worth Living – Link here

This reminds me of a scene from movie Troy between Achilles and Briseis where Briseis is lecturing Achilles about God and Achilles says “I’ll tell you a secret. Something they don’t teach you in your temple. The Gods envy us. They envy us because we’re mortal, because any moment might be our last. Everything is more beautiful because we’re doomed. You will never be lovelier than you are now. We will never be here again.” (YouTube Link here)

How to short Uber (and other private companies) – Link here

The Hardest Question in Portfolio Management – Link here

Take It to the Limit – Here are just 15 of the obstacles we face – Link here

Top 10 Habits of Millionaires for Building Wealth – Link here

Read, Learn, Improve – 18-Mar-17


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Buffett’s Airlines Conundrum – Link here

Global house prices – Link here

In Vancouver, home values have risen by 47% in four years; in London they have risen by 54%; and in Auckland the rise has been a whopping 75%. The influence of foreign capital flows on housing markets is being scrutinised, particularly as affordability becomes ever more stretched.

Netflix Tries to Outdo Theaters With Films a Studio Can Envy – Link here

“In every organisation, you need Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh” – Uday Kotak interview – Link here

My most important realisation as a banker is something very basic. As a bank, say, we have Rs10 of capital and we borrow Rs100. If we lose Rs5 out of Rs110, we have lost 50% of our money; if we lose Rs10 out of Rs110, it’s time to go home. Bankers find it difficult to keep this principle in mind; most of the time, they believe they own Rs110. Equity is a very small portion of the total balance sheet of banks but bankers start believing they have control and ownership over all the assets. They don’t: it is other people’s money. If you go back globally and see the kind of lifestyles bankers lived, they lived at 50:1 leverage. They were living on borrowed money and on borrowed time. That arrogance comes from believing that you own all that leverage as your own money.

It’s a Good Time to Find a Job in These Countries, But Don’t Expect a Big Raise – Link here

Unemployment rates in Group of 7 nations such as Canada, the U.S., Britain, Japan and Germany are nearing or even slightly below what officials describe as a maxed-out jobs market. But wage gains worldwide have been only creeping along.

“I hate to say it but we may be in a new normal for wage growth,” said Omair Sharif, senior U.S. economist at Societe Generale in New York.

The Ghost Bosses – Private-equity firms have been rapidly buying and selling off companies for decades, and workers in Lancaster, Ohio, are living with the consequencesLink here

Why Intel is paying $15 billion for Mobileye – Think of your future car as a rolling computer – Link here and do read this – INTEL, MOBILEYE, AND SMILING CURVESLink here – pay attention to theory of smiling curves, very interesting, I think it can be applied to lot of sectors.

Big Tobacco Has Caught Startup Fever – It’s not smoking. It’s platform-agnostic nicotine delivery solution – Link here

This is precisely why Warren Buffett dislikes Hedge Fund – Ackman’s Investors Won’t Get Their Yachts – Link here

Are Teenagers Replacing Drugs With Smartphones? – Link here

An annual government-funded report measuring drug use by teenagers, found that past-year use of illicit drugs other than marijuana was at the lowest level in the 40-year history of the project for eighth, 10th and 12th graders

“People are carrying around a portable dopamine pump, and kids have basically been carrying it around for the last 10 years,”

This is Excerpted from a new book called  Never Out of Season: How Having the Food We Want When We Want It Threatens Our Food Supply and Our Future – Humans Made the Banana Perfect—But Soon, It’ll Be Gone – Link here

WHY FACTS DON’T CHANGE OUR MINDS – New discoveries about the human mind show the limitations of reason – Link here

Business Advice From a One Year Old – Link here

Successful Active Stock Investing is Hard: Here are Seven Traits that I Believe are Required for Active Investors to Win in the Long Term – Link here

A runaway energy industry is costing California billions – Link here (scroll ppt)