There is new game in town called “Pokeman Go”, let’s just say it has taken pretty much whole developed nation by storm. To know why, simply understand it merges real world with virtual world. And this could probably be beginning of new revolution how we interact, socialize & entertain ourselves. Read more about it here – Pokémon Go isn’t a fad. It’s a beginning – Link here . People take drugs to escape reality of the world, could this or Virtual Reality Headset be an alternative?

My Crazy thought – Mind works in weird way and I had this absolutely crazy thought on why we gone need Virtual Reality Headset (Oculus rift, HTC Vive etc). For that matter many analyst, fund manager, investor, press everybody was surprised when Facebook announced to acquire Oculus rift. First let me be clear, I haven’t used it. However going by online review Link here , Link here, quality of oculus rift is very good – Link here, there are few problems which I think we may be able to solve it. However I think one of the interesting use I could think of was watching live sports /events – post bomb blast in turkey, attacks at various  part in EU, some people might be sacred to go out in public worrying terrorist might target it. Hence what if we can transmit live sport/event to a VR headset and give people experience of live sport in their living room. Just a thought.

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Prince Oberyn Martell Vs Gregor Clegane in trial by combat- if you have been following Game of Thrones (GoT) that probably bough flashes of heart wrenching fight scenes. In case you haven’t seen GoT, I suggest you give it a try. Just remember in case if you get addicted there are 6 season ahead to finish, so consider yourself warned before beginning. Trial by combat is method where justice is served through fight, many of us know GoT is purely fictional, however many of plots are inspired by true events. Like Trial by combat read on – A Brief History of Trial by Combat – Link here to know more.

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